saxon warlord extraordinaire
My Vices
I am a well-rounded guy.  This page is pretty much all about my macho redneck side.  If you would rather imagine me merely as a civilized person, please move along; this page isn't for you. 

I won't own a vehicle that doesn't have four wheel drive. I'm actually one of those rare people who use it! And I often get stuck anyway. But yes, I actually made it across this river in my S10 on Goat Mountain Road.

The fact is, if it is motorized and powerful, I like it!

And the bottom line is, I'm just a big kid.

To call yourself a Saxon Warlord, it is actually necessary to kill something from time to time.  Many of my friends are vegans, and I admire that greatly, but I am just not wired that way.  Even they agree, however, that if you are going to eat animals, you should do what you can to make sure the animal doesn’t suffer, either during his life or his death.  Venison is the ultimate free-range meat.  I hunt with a musket, up close.  I never take a shot over 40 yards, to guarantee an instant, painless death.  I’ve got a strict one-shot, no tracking, no wounded animal rule: If I’m not absolutely certain of my shot, I pass.  Also, I think its immoral to eat meat lightly, without struggling with and being fully cognicant of your choice.  When you eat meat, you are taking a life.  It’s a bloody business.  I think its important to dig your hands into what you have done and come to terms with it spirtually.  I have great respect for vegetarians, but I have no respect at all for people who eat supermarket meat and yet are critical of me because I hunt. 

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