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Drachenwald Doberdanes

Doberdane is a designer breed of dog that is half Doberman and half Great Dane.  Both the Doberman breed and the Great Dane breed are nearly perfect as-is, but we think we can do better.  We think Dobermans are just a bit too small.  Also, we think we can improve on their temperament.  Doberman dogs maintain eternal vigilance, and if their owners hope to avoid lawsuits, they had better maintain eternal vigilance as well, because their dogs are...shall we say, manic?  Great Danes have the opposite problem:  they are too big, and they don't have an aggressive bone in their body.  If you were to combine the two breeds, choosing the very best candidates for size, temperament, and color (no white, please!) you would get a dog that was greater than the sum of its parts.  That is, in fact, the mission of Drachenwald Doberdanes. 

We have the perfect sire for this endeavor.   Beowulf von Drachenwald (AKA "Maus") is our stud.  He is a 174 pound German Mastiff of impecable champion stock.  He is all blue, massively muscular, extremely energetic, agile, and exceptionally smart, with a high tolerance of pain and a strong game drive.  He is very healthy, with certified hips and no family history of any health problems.  He is a CGC certified therapy dog. 

Drachenwald Doberdanes currently has no puppies available, and we are unlikely to get any until we find a suitable female.  We are looking for a very large, very healthy Doberman bitch of impecable lineage to breed with our stud.  If you have a Doberman bitch that you think would be a good candidate for this pursuit, and if you want to share in creating and marketing the new Doberdane designer breed, please contact me:  heiland@saxonwarlord.com.

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